Violato Intatto by Accordo dei Contrari
Amplifier just announced "Record"
"Phases" by Angel Olsen
Ant Law - 'Entanglement' by Ant Law, Michael Chillingworth, John Turville, Tom Farmer, James Maddren)
Samba Jazz Fantasia by Duduka Da Fonseca
Samba Jazz - Jazz Samba by Duduka Da Fonseca
"Death Rides A Horse" by Arthur Vint & Associates
Obsidion by Barrows
Real Life and How To Avoid It by Bing Satellites
Sentinel by The Ambient Visitor
Snow Day by Bing Satellites
Sunrise, South London, June 2016 by Bing Satellites
Rêves de papillon by BISSAP
Directions to See a Ghost by The Black Angels
Passover by The Black Angels
Roaming In Teesdale by Black Hill & Cousin Silas
Anthology Archive by Revue Noir (Nicki Jaine & Sam Rosenthal)
Mesmerized by the sirens (name your price) by Black Tape For A Blue Girl
Automated Refrains by Dan Terminus
Hunter/Osby/Previte:Latitude - Live in Perugia by Bobby Previte
The Coalition of the Willing TRIO Live at Nublu by Bobby Previte
Jagjaguwar just announced "Call It Love" by Briana Marela
Global Concertos by B'shnorkestra
Cat Toren's HUMAN KIND by Cat Toren's HUMAN KIND
Creations EP by Cegvera
The Divine Abstract by Charlie Cawood
"Rich In Symbols" by Chet Doxas
La Sombra by Chip Wickham
Diaspora by Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah
"Diaspora" by Christian Scott
Ruler Rebel by Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah
"The Centennial Trilogy CD Set" by Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah
"The Emancipation Procrastination" by Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah
"Live @ the Vista Room" by Col. Bruce Hampton and the Madrid Express
Consolation by Crows Labyrinth
All That by Phil Miller / In Cahoots
Signal 9 by Miriodor
"Alien Sunset" by Cut Worms
Evolve by Dan Arcamone
new river EP by Darkroom
"Sodium" by Dasher
We Know So by Dasher
Live in Sweden by Dave Douglas
Eidetic by Dave McDonnell Group
"Resolution" by Dead Blonde Stars
Blueprint by Deafening Opera
Blueprint by Deafening Opera
Wait For The Jazz by Deer Belling Café
Live at Kozfest by Deltanaut
Desired by Desired
Zentuary (HD 24bit/96khz) by Dewa Budjana feat. Tony Levin, Gary Husband, Jack DeJohnette
Fleet (DiN53) by ARC
Fake It Until You Make It by Divergence Jazz Orchestra
The Comfort of an Endless Pain by Drowning Steps
Catching The Mystery Train by Rantama Trio
Out of Place by Enrico Bergamini
Mech Obsession by EoD696
"Skeleton Key" by Escaper
"Airbag" by Escaper
VIVID Mcall, Cappadocia, Roy ft Fred Wesley by Barney McAll
Chapter 7 by Ezra Collective
Juan Pablo: The Philosopher by Ezra Collective
BERG/BERGA by Flowers Must Die
Flying Machines by Flying Machines
Ropeadope just announced "Tokyo Number 9 (Live Album)" by Frank Catalano
Nomad by Sky Architect
Remote Connection by 52 Commercial Road
G.O.D. RECORDS (Garden Of Dreams) just released "Can Am Des Puig-Book Of Am Parts I~IV"
Pavlo V.-The Latest Quest
G.O.D. RECORDS (Garden Of Dreams) just released "The Raynbow-The Cosmic Adventure"
G.O.D. RECORDS (Garden Of Dreams) just released "TriCoolOre-World Without Words"
"Reservoir" by Gordi
Tasted By Chemists by grimace federation
Guruguru Brain Wash by Various Artists
NO WATER by Dhidalah
Carved in Ice by Hermóðr
The Chapel by Heron Oblivion
Raw and Cooked by Hidden Jazz Quartett
Live at Jooniors by Holy Grove
Hooffoot by Hooffoot
Hudson by Jack DeJohnette, Larry Grenadier, John Medeski & John Scofield
"Music From The Multiverse" by HUW
iamthemorning just added Belighted, Belighted (signed double vinyl)
Paper Birds to Help Kids
Chronosome - 24 bit 88.2 kHz
Kopfstein (Free Download) by Bernhard Wöstheinrich & Wolfgang Seidel
Live in Beacon 2015 (free download) by Bernhard Wöstheinrich & David Rothenberg
Live in Bethlehem 2013 (Free Download) by Markus Reuter
Live in Pomona 2016 (Free Download) by Markus Reuter
New Peace by Troy Jones
That Which Carries The Strength Of Time by Erik Emil Eskildsen
Touch Guitars Compilation 2016 (Free Download) by Various Artists
ILL CONSIDERED by Idris Rahman, Leon Brichard, Emre Ramazanoglu, Yahael Camara-Onono
ILL CONSIDERED - LIVE AT THE CRYPT by Idris Rahman, Leon Brichard, Emre Ramazanoglu, Satin Singh
Smile- Skeletons by Skeletons
Bowing Not Knowing To What by It's Not Night: It's Space
Wiring by Trio3: Oliver Lake, Reggie Workman, Andrew Cyrille with Vijay Iyer
The Shape of Colour by Intervals
Iordache just released Dissipatin'
Iordache just released Friday - Featuring Tom Smith
Iordache just announced "Organic Natural"
Today's Egg by IZ
Repetitions of the Old City - I by Jack O' The Clock
"HEAVN" by Jamila Woods
Jagjaguwar just released "Holy" by Jamila Woods
Jagjaguwar just released "Blk Girl Solider" by Jamila Woods
Following the Unknown by Jam It!
Janek Gwizdala just released Live in Costa Rica "Solo Bass"
Circadia by Jardín de la Croix
Ocean Cosmonauts by Jardín de la Croix
Change Of Address by Jared Sims
Continuum by Jay Tausig
Crystaline by Jay Tausig
Five Second Hourglass by Jay Tausig
Mors Vincit Omnia by Jay Tausig
Of Infinite Space by Jay Tausig
Quadrophenia Revisited by Jay Tausig
Walk The Bridges, Face The Demons by Jay Tausig
Wandering Through The Mist by Jay Tausig
Gil Evans Paris Workshop - Laurent Cugny "Spoonful" by Gil Evans Paris Workshop - Laurent Cugny
Conversation by Jazz Echo
Escapee by Daniel Casimir
Escapee, Limited Edition CD by Daniel Casimir
Nubya's 5ive by Nubya Garcia
jazz re:freshed just announced Triforce 5ive
Big Wheel by Jeff Richman
Chatterbox by Jeff Richman
Hotwire by Jeff Richman
One Two by Jeff Richman
Sand Dance by Jeff Richman
Sizzle by Jeff Richman
The Blue Heart by Jeff Richman
The Line Up by Jeff Richman
Honey Wine by Jeremy Danneman
Jessica Lurie Ensemble Live at Tula's Jazz Club by Jessica Lurie Ensemble
The March by JJX
Thirst by JJX
MATTERHORN by John Blevins
Horse Dance by Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation
Mirage by Josefin O¨hrn + The Liberation
Sister Green Eyes by Josefin O¨hrn + The Liberation
The State (Im In) / Rushing Through My Mind (Al Lover Remix) by Josefin O¨hrn + The Liberation
The Joshua Shneider Love Speaks Orchestra featuring Lucy Woodward and Dave Stryker by Joshua Shneider
Boxcar Blues by Jim Stephens
"Pax 6" by The Kandinsky Effect
Questclamationmarks by KAOS Protokoll
quick & dirty by KAOS Protokol
Mannequins by Kate Gentile
Kaiho by KAUAN
Live | 26.02.2016 by KAUAN
Inside Voices by Kenosha Kid
Outside Choices by Kenosha Kid
Anti-Hero by Kneebody
>Dulcia Cum Amaris by Malheur
Pyres by Kroh
Obsession 3 by Andy Emler MEGAOCTET
Le Mouvement Crée la Matière by Grégory Sallet Quintet
Do What I Want by Lady Albatross
Lamagaius by Lamagaia
S/T by Lamagaia
Live by Led Bib - Umbrella Weather
Canta Mientras Puedas by Legendary Pink Dots
Crash Velvet Apocalypse by Legendary Pink Dots
The Berlin Tapes 1981 by Edward Ka-Spel
"Eight (Hifi Sean Mix)" by Light Blue Movers
One Tribe by Logic
Toxic Consonance by Lovely Socialite
RECORD by Machines Dream
Another Time Another Place by Magenta
Live At The Point 2007 by Magenta
Live : On Our Way To Who Knows 2012 by Magenta
The Gathering ( Live) by Magenta
Trojan E.P by Magenta
La boca prestada by Malheur
Oceans by Jellynote
Operation: Funk by My Pet Monster x No Rush
Floa by Mammal Hands
Shadow Work by Mammal Hands
Live At The Blue Whale by Mark de Clive-Lowe
Fool of Music (Compilation) - FREE DOWNLOAD by Markus Reuter
Kopfmensch (Compilation) - FREE DOWNLOAD by Markus Reuter
Werkschau auf neo FM by Markus Reuter
Sleeper Street (HD 24bit-96khz) by Mark Wingfield
Ten Shades Of Light (Free Download) by Mark Wingfield
The Stone House (24bit?-?88?.?2kHz) by Wingfield Reuter Stavi Sirkis
"Church And State" by Matt Cappy
Preverbal by Matthew Stevens
The Mood by Maurice Brown
Stand Up ft. Talib Kweli by Maurice Brown
Black Bridge by Mercaba
Red Hook Soul by Michael Blake
A Very Large Gap by Michael Herring Quartet
Coniferous Revenge by Michael Herring's Vertigo featuring David Binney
Dark Materials by Michael Herring's Vertigo featuring David Binney
This Wilderness by Midday Veil
"Saturn Over Sunset" by Midnight Sister
Leave You by Midnight Sister
Bubble & Squeak by Mike Linden
Locations: USA by The Jazz Jousters
Project Canada: OTR Vol.1 by Millennium Jazz Music
Stress To Impress by Milton Man Gogh
Söngvar elds og óreiðu by Misþyrming
Analog Spirit Quest Vol. 2 by MKMusic
Sound of Sinning by Monophonics
Circles Remixed by Moon Duo
Killing Time EP by Moon Duo
Live in Ravenna by Moon Duo
Occult Architecture Vol. 1 by Moon Duo
Occult Architecture Vol. 2 by Moon Duo
Lunar Love by Mop Mop
Phase Zero by Morgan Delt
Godspeed [HD] [24Bit 88.2kHz] by Morten Schantz
Aromanticism by Moses Sumney
"Lamentations" by Moses Sumney
"Quarrel" by Moses Sumney
"Doomed" by Moses Sumney
"Indulge Me" by Moses Sumney
Subscription to Cary Grace
Reconnaissance - A Compilation Curated by Govinda by Various Artists
Preston-Glasgow-Lowe by Preston Glasgow Lowe
Constellations I. by musicformessier
Full Digital Discography by musicformessier
Kinfolk: Postcards from Everywhere by Nate Smith
Ghosts Of Tomorrow by Nerve
Nerve by Nerve
Symphonies by Neurotech
The Catalyst by Neurotech
New Standard Duo by New Standard Duo
Marble Dance by Nicolas Meier
Smierc w miekkim futerku by Niechec
Niechec by Niechec
EntreMundos by Nomade Orquestra
Nomade Orquestra by Nomade Orquestra
No Man's Land just released Infinite Equinox
The Further Side by Nova Collective
The Further Side by Nova Collective
Over The Underworld by Odd Logic
Penny For Your Thoughts by Odd Logic
Fashion and Welfare by öz ürügülü
Cometas by The Khu
Happy? by The Khu
Rah-Slup by Rah-Slup
S-clave by Ô-liostére
Self-Identity by Ollie Howell
New Helsinki [HD] [24Bit 96kHz] by Olli Hirvonen
Harvest Sage by Oulu Space Jam Collective
Cohesion by Partikel
Perihelion by Arcane
Afro-Caribbean Mixtape by Nicholas Payton
#BAM Live at Bohemian Caverns - Nicholas Payton
Letters - Nicholas Payton
Numbers - Nicholas Payton
Sketches of Spain -Nicholas Payton
TEXTURES - Nicholas Payton
Latitudes by Pelagic Zone
Pleonasms by Perge
The Uncanny Valley by PERTURBATOR
ToTeM by Pervy Perkin
Echoes of the Ancestors by Phil Schurger
Keri by Phlox MKDK
Wake Up Call by David Weiss & Point Of Departure
Wake Up Call by David Weiss & Point Of Departure
Caldera by Polyrhythmics
Polyrhythmics just released "Caldera"
Libra Stripes by Polyrhythmics
"Cassette" by Preoccupations
Populace by Progger
Scattering by Progger
Biosonic (name-your-price) by Steve Roach & Robert Logan
Empetus by Steve Roach
Second Nature (name-your-price) by Steve Roach & Robert Logan
hmm by .: :.
DUALITY: Particles & Waves by Quantum Trio
Flux (feat. David Binney, Matt Mitchell, Kenny Wollesen) by Quinsin Nachoff
Racing Glaciers - EP by Racing Glaciers
Psalm 42:11 EP by Rahmemhotep
Aican "Don't Go Deep Into The Forest"
Alex's Hand "Roaches"
"Enfant "Ellipsism""
Medulla "Remnant"
N-1 "Macht ihr mal, ich hab schon"
N-1 "Nomma"
Don't Leave (Doumala Baayi) - Single by Raja Kassis
Dream Deferred by Ralph Peterson/Onyx Music Label
The FEEL by RC & the Gritz
The Re-Stoned, Wo Fat just added The Re-Stoned / Wo Fat 7"
Redtenbacher's Funkestra just released "Re-imagined by Beat Fatigue"
"Phantom of the Oberheim (Kaidi Tatham Remix)"
Resolution 88 just released "Three Four or More (Simon Grey Remix)"
Altadena by Richard Sears
"Experiments With Truth" by Richard X Bennett
"What Is Now" by Richard X Bennett
Incoming! by Riot Jazz Brass Band
Live At Roadburn 2013 by My Brother The Wind
Unbreakable by Rock Horn Project
Feckel for Lovers by Sha's Feckel
"Diaspora" by Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah
El Experimento Caribeño by Ropeadope Select
Ruler Rebel by Ropeadope Select
"Sabiduría" by Eddie Palmieri
"Sounds Of Crenshaw Vol. 1" by Terrace Martin Presents The Pollyseeds
Velvet Portraits, Velvet Portraits Double LP by Terrace Martin
"New World In My View" by King Britt Presents: Sister Gertrude Morgan
Mother Tongue by Rudresh Mahanthappa
Rise of Orion by Rudy Royston
One With The Universe by Samsara Blues Experiment
Revelation & Mystery by Samsara Blues Experiment
"Free Of Form" by Sarah Elizabeth Charles
Free Of Form, Free of Form by Sarah Elizabeth Charles
"Hundred Acres" by S. Carey
"Brassy Sun" by S. Carey
777/Astral Rebirth by Sea Bastard
Sebastian Spanache Trio just announced The Furnace
Mars Zero by Sekta Denta
Sekta Denta by Sekta Denta
Sekta Denta by Sekta Denta
Contrapasso by Seven Impale
"Not Myself (Hercules & Love Affair Remix)" by Sharon Van Etten
Pragmatism by Shob
Havana '58 by Bahama Soul Club
Are You Shpongled? by Shpongle
Codex VI by Shpongle
Divine Moments Of Truth by Shpongle
Museum Of Conciousness by Shpongle
The God Particle EP by Shpongle
"An Orchid Is Born" by Sidewalk Chalk
Equator by Silent Island
Fall of Oceans by Silent Island
Re-quator (HALF PRICE for a limited time) by Silent Island
Liver by Slivovitz
Ground Zero by Snow Teddy
Lykaia by Soen
Making Faces by Soften The Glare
Dust Monument by Sonora Ritual
The Eztica Tour Collection by SoRIAH with Ashkelon Sain
Must Be Nice by Soule Monde
Free To Believe (Instrumentals) by The Soul Motivators
Superstition by Spacegoat
It's Love by Spank
El Experimento Caribeño by Sr. Langosta
Birdwatch - Music of Charlie Parker by Stefan Goranov Quartet
CORE - Legacy Edition by Steve Roach
Eclipse Mix by Steve Roach
Fade To Gray by Steve Roach
The Early Years (rarities from the Empetus era) by Steve Roach
THE PASSING by Steve Roach
This Place To Be by Steve Roach
Traveler by Steve Roach
KONNEKTED (Free Download) by Stick Men
Pigiama Psicoattivo by El Topo
Très fort by Kings of Belgium
Unchained Melodies by Kings of Belgium
Escape by Stone Umbrella
Level Theatre by Stone Umbrella
The Visitor by Stone Umbrella
"The Morning Bell" by Jesus On The Mainline
Brokespeak by Strobes
Ladies Night by S.T.S. (Sugar Tongue Slim)
City by Stuart McCallum
Stubb just released Burning Moon
In Dub by Cousin Silas
Stygian by Cousin Silas
The Origin Of Supernatural Astronomical Phenemena IV by Scott Lawlor
Latin American Songbook by Edward Simon
Fireball! by Super Soul Bros.
Live at Poor House by Super Soul Bros.
Transformations by PRINT & Friends
A Place to Dream by Syncatto
A Place to Hide by Syncatto
"It's Not Fair" by Takashi Tsuzuki
free-can-do by Tak!
TAK! by TAK!
Tepidarium by Tangram
Archipelagos by Tassos Spiliotopoulos
Quintessential Ephemera by Rosetta
The Anaesthete by Rosetta
The Besnard Lakes Are The Divine Wind by The Besnard
Play Again by The Black Noodle Project
Indigo by The Blue Phoenix
What Comes To Mind by The Haggis Horns
Out On A Limb by The InBetweens
Bossa Nova Is Not A Crime by The Juju Orchestra
The Last Straw by The Last Straw
The Radiation Flowers by The Radiation Flowers
Mr Big Stuff by The Ska Vengers
Inner Fire by The Souljazz Orchestra
Resistance by The Souljazz Orchestra
Rising Sun by The Souljazz Orchestra
Solidarity by The Souljazz Orchestra
"Electricity" by Thumpermonkey
Renegades by Thunkfish
Hinterland by TILT
Saturday Night by Tim Darcy
Night to Day by Time Collapse
Night to Day Bonus Tracks by Time Collapse
The Remix Sessions Vol.3 by Timewarp inc
One by Tim Garland
"Too Dumb For Suicide: Tim Heidecker’s Trump Songs" by Tim Heidecker
COOKBOOK by Tiptons Sax Quartet & Drums
"My Vicious Heart (feat. Silvana Estrada and Jorge Servin)" by Todd Clouser
Full Digital Discography by Tohpati
The Distance by The Resonance Association
"Relationships" by Trevor Lawrence Jr.
"Andy Warhol's Dream" by Trevor Sensor
The Money Gets Bigger by Trevor Sensor
"TriCoolOre-World Without Words" by TriCoolOre
Tricorn "The walk of shame" 2013 by Tricorn
Fiction by Trio Subtonic
Night Runners by Trio Subtonic
Beacons Of Light by Jonathan Powell & nu Sangha
Completion of Proof by The Curtis Brothers
Syzygy by Curtis Brothers Quartet
Triangular lll by Ralph Peterson
Klammer by Rick Simpson
"Blues" by Uncle Nephew
"(U)nity Is Power" by (U)nity
Yellow Ochre by Vels Trio
LENIN - Río hecho cacería - (2010) by VIAJERO INMÓVIL Records
Calm and Clear by Via Luna
Wilt by Via Luna
Apollo, Can You Hear Me? (waag_rel104) by Brother Saturn
Black Saturday (waag_rel084) by Scott Lawlor
Coefficient of variation (waag_rel100) by Cousin Silas & Øystein Jørgensen
Cousin Silas (waag_rel106) by Cousin Silas
Dancers at the End of Time (waag_rel098) by Kevin Lyons
Dronescape 033 (waag_drs033) by Cousin Silas
Hope (waag_rel091) by Colin Blake
Mabinogi (waag_rel096) by Cousin Silas & The Glove Of Bones
Oblique (waag_rel095) by Matthew VandenBrook
Ornithology (waag_rrl007) by Cousin Silas & The Glove Of Bones
Permutations (waag_rel105) by Cousin Silas
Recrudescence (waag_rel094) by Cousin Silas
Retrospective (waag_rrl005) by Delicate Apparatus
Rex Gentium (waag_aa003) by Scott Lawlor
The Moorcock Principle (waag_rel097) by Cousin Silas & Kevin Lyons
The Three Imposters (waag_rel093) by Cousin Silas | Tim Jones | Kevin Lyons
Theme Music From The Aether (waag_rel099) by Glenn Sogge
Convex by Jan-Dirk Platek / We Deserve This
Maschinenwelt by We Deserve This / Jan-Dirk Platek
Propaganda by We Deserve This
Telepathie by We Deserve This
What If We Could Breathe In Space But No One Tells Us by We Deserve This
BOUNCE TRIO "Smalls Streams ... Big Rivers" by Matthieu Marthouret Bounce Trio
CONTRASTS by Matthieu Marthouret BOUNCE TRIO Featuring Serge Lazarevitch
UPBEATS (Album) by Matthieu Marthouret Organ Quartet
Unfiltered Universe by Rez Abbasi
Geomagnetic Hallucinations by WILD ROCKET
Wise Guy by Will Paynter & The Hardbop Collective
Back to Land by Wooden Shjips
Phonograph by Wooden Shjips
Remixes by Wooden Shjips
"White Dust" by Yusef Komunyakaa, David Cieri, Mike Brown
Full Digital Discography by Yuri Gagarin
full digital discography (19 releases) by zircon
200 000 by ZWOYLD