s3pi.GenericRCOLResource Namespaces3pi library documentation
When using the s3pi.GenericRCOLResource assembly, ensure RCOLResources.txt resides in the same folder as the assembly at run time.

Public classDefaultRCOL
An RCOL block handler that "does nothing", providing the minimal support required for any RCOL block in a GenericRCOLResource.
Public classGenericRCOLResource
A resource wrapper that understands RCOL resources and manages the blocks within.
Public classGenericRCOLResource ChunkEntry
Public classGenericRCOLResource ChunkEntryList
Public classGenericRCOLResource ChunkReference
Manages RCOL references to other RCOL blocks or other resources.
Public classGenericRCOLResourceHandler
ResourceHandler for GenericRCOLResource wrapper.

Public enumerationGenericRCOLResource ReferenceType